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The PEEKADSO difference


PEEKADSO is completely FREE for the consumer and is a direct consumer to business deal website. There are no brokers or middlemen to go through. A business advertises a deal on PEEKADSO and a consumer claims the deal. Once claimed, the consumer prints out the coupon and redeems it at the business.


PEEKADSO has a completely different strategy than other sites. If you're a business, other sites charge you a set cost per deal. PEEKADSO is completely free whether you put out 1 coupon, or 100,000 coupons a month, your cost to us will always be the same; Zero.


PEEKADSO is fully customizeable and allows you to create your own deals. Other sites require you to call them up where their salespeople try and pitch you additional services you don't need. PEEKADSO gives you the tools you need to create your business and deal all by yourself.


PEEKADSO gives you access to various reports, charts, and statistics. With your paid subscription you'll get a plethora of information at your fingertips to see how your deals are being seen.


PEEKADSO lets you search in unique ways for deals. Unlike other sites, PEEKADSO lets you filter down to the neighborhood. Want to look for Chinese restaurants in only Coconut Grove? Or want to search for Chinese restaurants in the whole Miami - Ft. Lauderdale area? You can do both.