Region:  Miami - Ft. Lauderdale - Florida Keys

Why Choose PEEKADSO?

How can PEEKADSO save my business money?

PEEKADSO is a completely free service that allows your business to share deals with your customers.


PEEKADSO is a direct consumer to business deal website. There is no broker or middleman to go through. A business advertises a deal on PEEKADSO, and a consumer claims the deal. Once claimed, the consumer prints out a coupon and redeems the coupon at the business.

How are we different than the other sites?

PEEKADSO has a completely different strategy than other sites. If you're a business, other sites charge you a set cost per deal. We are completely free and take no percentage of your income. Whether you put out 1 coupon, or 100,000 3 coupons a month, your cost to us will always be zero.